Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Tidbits

When we haven't pulled all-nighters nights before (which we rarely do), I like waking up and walking to Legazpi Sunday Market on Sundays when we find ourselves in our halfway home. Yesterday I was alone hence my leisurely breakfast and unhurried rounds of the market. I usually get my Sunday cup of joe at Tong's Coffee stall and yesterday I tried something new. Kesong Puti omelette by the husband and wife tandem of Tong's Coffee. Not bad, considering I am not exactly the omelette kind. 

The market is filled with interesting stalls selling gourmet fares, fresh fruits and vegetables, and local artists abound selling their art. I met Connie and her son Kaks (I hope I spelled it right) of Happy StarChild. They sell shirts and dresses with Kaks' drawings further enhanced by Connie's paintings. I was very impressed with the mother and son tandem. I spent a good 30 mins chatting with Connie and (Kaks too) and maybe another half an hour picking a shirt design. I walked away genuinely inspired and happy with my deconstructed white shirt with Kak's Andy Warhol rendition on it. When I opened it, it had a sweet note and a wish card. 

And then there was that Japanese booth that I love to browse. That day, I met the very kind couple behind the stall selling Waraji slippers and authentic kimonos, obis, and even organic mochi balls! It was so nice listening to them conversing in Tagalog, Japanese, and then English. I walked away with a real-deal kimono for Le Misch which I scored for just Php380(9USD!) and a little bird origami to keep. Sweet.

After my rather strong-Tong coffee, I usually cap off my morning with a Green Kiss Xavier concoction from RAWlicious. 

Another weekend highlight was the Dr. Seuss inspired fete we attended. I was amazed at the decors amazing mum Tricia put together just the night before. It was personal, cute, and DIY'ed in style. 

The weekend that was. Wishing yours was great too.


  1. You sure had a great weekend!
    I like the photos and the offerings at the market were attractive and exciting. For us moms, and for me particularly it's a therapy to be going in fairs like this after a week's hard work! :-)

    Dangzter Online

  2. Wow looks like a busy but amazing weekend!

  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing Mikka :) I'll definitely check out the Legaspi market after seeing these photos. What great finds!