Monday, January 10, 2011

snaps from the weekend

The whole family is still on some sort of hangover from the holidays. Which somewhat explains my delinquency with writing and taking pictures too. Suffice to say, I don't have a lot of snaps from the weekend to share this time 'round.

The weekend was mellow and we liked it that way. A movie with Angelina + Depp + Paris +Venice {is a must-see for me no matter what the reviews say} and a play date for the kiddos while the folks drink themselves silly with Sangria, is the best. Those were the highlights of our weekend.

Angelina aka Elise in Paris. Her outfits were amazing but a tad too few..

 Being the biggest fan of the whole Christmas enterprise, she still thinks its the most wonderful time of the year as we still get squeals from her every time we pass some leftover Christmas lights. Oh and she still talks about her letter to Santa too. Ahhh.. kids, life is so much lighter in their eyes.

Hope your weekend was mellow yet awesome too.

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