Monday, January 17, 2011

dissection of ensembles and then some

In lieu of the weekly snaps from the weekend, which most often than not dominated by Le Misch, all the snaps I got from the weekend that was,  are of my winter ensembles from China to Hong Kong. The weather plus having no one to converse with, resulted to chronicling my daily battle with the cold in the best concoctions I could whip up given my limited winter wear resources.

Print on Print
  1.  Voluminous vest from Cosmopolitan Clothing
  2. Black and white stripe shirt from H&M
  3. Black thermal tights from Cold Wear (yes I actually own a pair)
  4. Brown obi belt from Bayo
  5. Brown leather boots from a shop in Amsterdam 
  6. Printed scarf from China
Black and Navy
  1.  Black cape from The Ramp
  2. Navy turtleneck shirt from Mango
  3. Really old pair of gray (almost white) jeans
  4. Black leather boots from China (great find!)
  5. Gray cotton scarf from Cotton on
Chanelling Equestrian
  1.  Camel cape with belt from China (yes, another great buy!)
  2. Black long sleeved shirt from Mango
  3. Another old pair of jeans in white
  4. Black leather boots
  5. Borrowed hubby's cap/ bonnet from H&M
Frock for a Change
I do bring a dress (or two) for moments when we I have to go somewhere fancy. Not that I did this time 'round. I wore this during the day. And I always keep the prints as minimal as I could.
  1. Printed tunic dress from BCBG MaxAzria
  2. Gray turtleneck from Zara
  3. Black tights
  4. Black obi belt from Mango
  5. Black leather boots
Before I climb up the bed and read to Le Misch, let me share with you another (surprisingly willing) subject I styled from this trip..

The coat needs some nipping-in here and there but everything else looks dapper to me.

Hope your weekend was warm and awesome.


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    2. Hi Mikks! Love your ensambles!! my best is the equestrian. You just need a thoroughbred to ride on:-)

    3. Love the outfits! I'm so amazed at how you can manage to look so chic and fab in winter temperatures! I agree, the equestrian ensemble is the best. Thanks for the styling ideas.