Thursday, January 27, 2011

party planning mode is ON!

In less than a month, someone's turning 2!! The little girl is excited and so is everyone else in the household. Ummm, no, we don't do the hotel ballroom/ village clubhouse professional- party- planner- organized shebangs around here. I like to go the old-fashion way, where mums do it from scratch. I am extremely hands-on and like to be on top of it all. If only I could bake a cake, I would.

You see, I find utter pleasure from the planning stage down to execution and on to the end result. (Lets just say, I {fine, hubby and I} pulled off a destination wedding without having to use a wedding planner.) Simply because, planning a fete gives me some sort of a high.

Not that we dig HUGE parties. I like small themed ones that are unique and true to the person or occasion. And more importantly, I value creativity and practicality. Resourcefulness is the name of the game here.

On her first, we had this.

I was being selfish and thought to myself then that that was my only chance to have my penchant for Matryoshka dolls play a role in one of my biggest milestones. She turned one and I think she had fun. So did I.

Now that she's turning another year older and seem to have developed strong preferences, I try to be less selfish by giving her several theme options.

Option 1
Tea Party
She likes playing tea time and this is something she might enjoy.
 Inspiring beyond words. Found these here and here
Thing is, she might appreciate it more when she is a little older. 

Option 2
A Picnic
Before we moved back to Manila, I already thought of having a real deal picnic shindig with baskets, mats, and the works at the Botanic Gardens.
This option might just be logistically difficult around here.

Pink Flamingo Party
This is just so pretty!!!  Came across this here, where I found a bevy of amazing party ideas. Need  more time, probably a whole year to pull this off though.

Option 4
Mexican Fiesta
This might be the easiest given my time frame. With the pinatas, maracas, tacos, burritos, margaritas-- little miss celebrant will surely enjoy and so will her little guests, and most probably (read: tequila) the adults too!

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