Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Collective

I finally had the chance to visit this out-of-your-way creative scene in Malugay Street, Makati. I was supposed to go with Le Misch but she slept on me on the way so I had to send her back home to get a more comfortable nap.

The Collective is described as "an honest space" by one of its purveyors Dustin Reyes, for designers and entrepreneurs alike. Here you will find a lot of start-ups with honest-to-goodness passion to share to whoever is interested. From fashion, to eco-living, to food, to art, to bikes, even!

The first shop I checked out was Ritual. I have read a lot about it and was curious. They sell all sorts of organic and natural products from all over the country. You see, I dream of living an eco-friendly lifestyle. But for some reason it is deemed more expensive therefore impractical to do so here in Manila.

Thanks to Ritual, the irony there is somehow beginning to fade away. As here, they make it affordable for you to live a life that's friendly to the environment. You can buy a little of everything and just go back when you run out. Quality of life is much valued here, that you don't have to worry if their produce is fresh or not. And when they tell you their coffee is extra strong, it is EXTRA STRONG.

I found a handful of interesting pieces here. If you are tired of run-of-the-mill fashion, then must-do Duerr.

I'll try the coffee here next time. Or maybe the wine.

They refurbish old bikes like new so as to encourage people to ride bikes. Therefore reducing pollution caused by all the petrol consumed everyday in the metro. I will live for the day when {fashionable} people bike to work in Manila. Picture this.

Or this.
 (Images from The Sartorialist)

Then, we will have 'SARTORIAL' shots from Manila!

A vintage shop I didn't have enough time to browse.

I went on a quiet afternoon and a lot of shops were closed. Don't be bummed when you encounter this as here, the shop owners don't get charged if they close early or don't open at all. Just make it a habit to come by once and a while and support these people who are actually doing something purposeful and amazing in our local retail scene.

To know more about The Collective, check out their blog here.

The Collective
7274 Malugay Street
San Antonio, Makati

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