Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baby Company Grand Fair

You are  not a certified mum if you live in Manila and don't go to, or at the very least know of Baby Company. You know how it is when you become a mother and all of a sudden there so many places that become so relevant to you its almost an addiction? 

One of those places is Baby Company. I can never come out of that place without buying anything. Funny thing is, each time I pass by the store I almost always have to justify my entry. Does Mischka need a new tooth brush? Maybe they sell mosquito patches here? Should I completely wean her off the bottle and buy more sippy cups now? Those are just some of the many thought bubbles I have playing in my head whenever Baby Company is within sight. Can you blame me? It is, after all, the ultimate go-to for all things baby.

Now, imagine my delight when I learned about Baby Company's upcoming baby fair! Back in Singapore, Mischka and I together with other mother-baby tandems, were all permanent fixtures at baby fairs in Takashimaya, Tangs, United Square, etc.

This fair will be our first since moving back.

I have also learned it's not all about shopping here. There are a lot of activities lined up for mums, mums-to-be, and babies/kids alike!

This event is exclusive to SM Advantage Card holders. I'm pretty sure you already are (for Philippine residents). Nowadays, who isn't anyway?

So, mark your calendars mummies! Jan 28-30 at the SM Mega Trade Halls. See you and your little ones there!

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