Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Tidbits

It's always nice to cap off a long week with some outdoor play and comfort food in the company of good old friends. At Micshka's BFF's 3rd birthday, we had such and then some.
It was a laid back party but I've never seen kids have so much fun. Hotdogs, slides, swings, the sand box, 
ice cream, all that-- topped off with a calesa ride around the block!

Such was the highlight of our weekend. The rest of it were pleasant "just-us-three" moments enough to rejuvenate working parents for another work week ahead.  


  1. Ahh! She's too cute :)

  2. love your kimono jacket. is it carioca?

    1. Yes it is! Should be out soon! Watch out for it :)