Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Acqua Livingstone by Missoni Home

Century Properties recently launched their newest collaboration, which for me, by far, is the most exciting one ever! Who doesn't get all giddy with excitement with Missoni?!! 

Acqua Livingstone is the fourth of the six towers to rise on the vast Acqua Private Residences property and is the first ever residential tower to be designed by Italian fashion house, Missoni.
Above are just some of the interiors you'll find at Acqua Livingstone. They may not appeal to all but it sure did to my good friend, Arleen and me! 
Of course the highlight of the night was rubbing elbows with Ottavio Missoni himself! Too bad wife Rosita and grand daughter Margherita were not with him. Nevertheless, it was an honor meeting one half of my all-time favorite design duo.

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