Friday, March 2, 2012


She blurted that phrase out with so much conviction when asked what her wish is. She's three and sure doesn't sound like one. She may talk about castles, princesses, and tutu skirts excessively of late but everyday, I swear, I learn more from her than she does from me. 
Her tea party didn't go as planned but I was determined to give her a princess experience no matter what the circumstances were. We're not big on material extravagance and excessiveness but value creativity more than anything else. A lot of the details were DIY and the cardboard castle was my surprise for her.  (It was a HUGE hit!) 

She was very much involved in the planning so to cancel it was just not an option. So tea we had and rainbow cake we stuffed ourselves silly with.  


  1. How nice! Where did you get the fabric for the packed snacks?

  2. The cardboard castle was beautiful! Can you post a how-to?

    I love how happy she looked gushing over her cake.

    Happy birthday, Mischka! :)

  3. Wow those snacks are adorable! I want to go to a princess party :)

  4. And Happy 3rd Birthday to your sweet girl!

  5. it looks like a lovely party. i LOVE that castle (we got cally a cardboard shop) and i love the look of that rainbow cake. the smile on little mischka's face says everything!

  6. Happy birthday little M! I love the rainbow cake, the cardboard castle, the fabric, and the theme! Looks like your girl had fun.

  7. WOW! The lovely princess sure had a very big smile that day! The castle is beautiful. What a sweet treat, Mommy Mikka!