Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mischmash Recommends {B. Pop Arty}

To my toddler, a toy's novelty lasts about one to two weeks, three weeks tops. Save for the quintessential paint and crayons, its this brilliant jar of snap-together colorful beads that has actually made an exception. It was gifted to her last Christmas and up until now it hasn't lost its charm! 
Every now and then I'd catch her playing with this 500-piece set which I'm very much certain is no longer complete. I love that it comes in different shapes, sizes and colors. All of which you can put together and make jewelry of.  
Best part is when she comes up to me and show me her creations. If its not a ring, its a ton of necklaces she likes to pile on me. This is easily one of her more favored toys and it seems to be mine too!

B. Pop Arty makes for a perfect gift for girls four years and above. Mischka had this before she turned three and loved it from day one. Adult supervision of course is necessary but one that is fun, most definitely! 


  1. I wonder if it's available here in the Philippines. I'd love to give it to my God daughters for Christmas. :)

  2. wow,love it for my daughter.where can we buy it here in manila? thanks for posting,you inspire mom like me a lot.:)

  3. i used to have something similar when i was a kid, played with it until all the pieces were almost entirely lost. great toy, i should get one for nikola!

  4. this is nice mikka. I'd like to get one for my little girl too.