Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Tidbits

We made time to see MV Logos Hope, the world's biggest floating book fair, over the weekend. Le Misch was so excited, she was actually skipping and hopping going on board the ship! We all had a wonderful time browsing the book fair and picking up some copies to keep. While most books are at a bargain, we were there for the experience more than anything else. I hope you were able to catch MV Logos before it sails away to Subic today. 
It was the first time in 3 weeks that I had a work free weekend. Naturally, what transpired was one filled with Mischka. Right now, weekends are all about her. So aside from the floating book fair on Saturday, we took a spontaneous road trip to Nuvali on Sunday. Just us three and it was heavenly.

The weekend that was. Wish yours was as lovely. 

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  1. it looks like a wonderful outing. what fun...books in a ship! and are those fish swimming around the ship? i can see why she had such fun.