Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We're Moving!

Yes, we're moving! Rooms that is. Hah!

Thus the renovations and home improvements we have ongoing so as to have a more peaceful refuge after a long day's work most especially for dear hubby.

This little project of ours got me on a frenzied search for inspiration. Although I already have some visions in  mind, hubby is the exact opposite. He is a very visual person and has to see it in actual to appreciate. Furthermore, he's a minimalist and I'm a bit on the tamed side of eclecticism. So yes, finding a balance between the two extremes is challenging if not impossible. But we'll see. We have a funny way of always making things work, so this might just.

Enter the first few pages of our look book of inspiration and fantasy interiors.

I am loving the laid back-organic-beach vibe of this space from here.  

My dream home office slash personal space from here.

 Black, white, and neutrals, with a punch of red from here.

Another dream home office slash personal space. I am in love with the black and white canopy against the moss green wall. Again from here

More fantasy interiors to come!

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