Tuesday, November 9, 2010

snaps from the weekend

The little girl is back to her usual jolly self as we bid adieu to the over lingering cough and colds. It prompted yet another a visit to our most visited person this month, our dear Dr. J, who has been extremely patient with Le Misch and I (and my incessant midnight calls and messages). Thank goodness for genuinely caring doctors. I can't imagine being a mother without them.

 Her weekend roundup.

My weekend highlight.

Saturday night, I was glad to have been dragged to an exhibit by Carol Garcia. Her works are gorgeous and so is she. A former model who has found a new passion. She showed a collection depicting femininity and women empowerment. That red painting of hers of herself was among the many pieces sold that night.

And just like her paintings, that white open back skirt suit was also a stand out. I've never quite seen a painter as stunning as her.

The weekend that was.

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