Wednesday, November 17, 2010

checking in from hong kong

Yes I am a little early for the Lanvin x H&M reveal, but no ladies, I am not here for that. (Well, of course, I kinda wish I was.) Hubby, who's here for business, was kind enough to have me tag along on the premise I won't be doing so much damage (on our bank accounts).

I have some stuff to do and places to go but essentially I am here to refuel on creative juices. Just a 2-hour plane ride and you're transported to another universe-- this vibrant, intoxicating city never fails to inspire me.

At the moment I am at my favorite hideaway, where there's good coffee and free wifi. I have to get some work done before I hit the outlets this afternoon. I know, I know.. I haven't forgotten my pact with dear hubby but what's an afternoon trip to Lane Crawford and Joyce outlets, not too mention Space?! Who knows, I might just find the inspiration I'm looking for there. (Wink- wink)

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