Friday, December 2, 2011

Mischmash Wishlist

1. I know I really shouldn't be thinking about handbags right now, much less wish for one. But who could resist 3.1 Phillip Lim's Pashli? The number in ink blue has never left my mind since I came across it months ago.
2. I've always wanted to find a signature scent and I wanna start the elusive search with Jo Malone.
3. MadebyGirl's Love Candy Gold print is on the first half of my list but I have yet to find a bare wall worthy of it.
4. Come join my arm party, Kelly Wearstler pyrite cubes bangle.
5. The style warrior in me can never have enough design books. The book shelf has plenty of room for Deborah Needleman's newest.
6.  Need to replenish the most heavily rotated pieces in my closet. J. Crew Keeper I have my eyes on you.
7.  I'm still searching for the perfect black pumps I can keep forever. This will make my feet rather delighted.

There you have it. My highly edited holiday wishlist. Pieces I don't exactly need but can't seem to stop thinking about.

Le Misch will be sharing with you her wishlist too. Watch out for that!


  1. ive been through so many pairs of black pumps myself, still havent found a comfy pair and still dont have enough for a pair of ysl's :P

  2. @sarah same here! the ysl is on my wishlist. haha.

    Mikka... i too am back in the search for a signature scent. burberry stopped producing the particular one i use!! :( btw, love the layout as usual!

    my wish list coming up on my blog soon too. hee. you'll never know, they might just come true :)

  3. I've been looking for the perfect denim chambray shirt since forever!! But I haven't found one yet here in Manila.

  4. Hey have you browsed the Needleman's book? I'm looking for good design books to buy for home deco inspiration. Maybe you can recommend some :)

  5. i love reading ur blog :)

    how to have this kind of application where u can put all the pictures in one thanks