Wednesday, December 7, 2011

a quick update

Our apologies for the remiss of posts around here. We've been extremely busy and happened to get sick at a time when we cannot afford to be so. We flew to the hometown for my Dad's birthday. I was so looking forward to spending some time with the folks and see some old friends too. Sadly Mischka caught some stomach bug and we ended up spending most of our time confined in the room.

It was a good thing the house was all dolled up for Christmas. It helped a lot cheer up an unwell child. I then decided to cut short our vacay, flew back to Manila and went straight to see her doctor. I always have a feeling of my world falling apart whenever she gets sick. I guess that comes along with the whole motherhood package? 

Now she's a lot better. Thank goodness. Unfortunately I caught the bug too. So I'm doing some catching up from the bed today. 

1 comment:

  1. hope you feel better soon! we've had a house full of sick, too. not fun, and there's never time! i love your santas....funny, we have some very similar santas (like the russian dolls) that sit on our window. they're my fav as well.

    wishing you and your family the best this season, mikka.