Wednesday, December 14, 2011

wrapped and unplugged

We've been awfully quiet around here. To say that we've been having crazy full days is an understatement. Yes, we are busy but we have also gone unplugged. I recently lost my laptop and I felt like my world fell apart. It was a terrible, terrible thing to happen and as I quietly mourn its loss, I just couldn't help but feel uninspired. Almost 500GB worth of hardwork and memories gone just like that. I was able to save some but I wished I could have been more religious in backing up. 

Instead of wasting my energy feeling sorry for what happened, I just had to make the most of my situation and divert my attention to other things. It wasn't as difficult as I actually have a gazillion things to do and errands to run. I then had more time to read to Le Misch, do crafts, and just plain old hanging out. We had loads of fun wrapping gifts and crossing names off our list.

So pardon us if we have been neglecting this space lately. I am working on getting my groove back and perhaps a change of scenery should do the trick. Next time you hear from us-- will be from chilly San Francisco!

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  1. Hi Mikka! It's Mia :) It was so nice to meet you at the bazaar. I am loving my clutch, as well as the necklace I bought. I've already worn it twice! So sorry to hear about your laptop, but I do hope you enjoy your SF trip. In case you see Pat and Henry, please tell them I say hello :) Safe travels!

  2. safe travels and enjoy your wintry christmas =)

  3. Mikks, you lost it as in it was stolen? Or it conked out... whatever it is, I feel for you. Losing your computer, however way how, is devastating:-( Enjoy SFO!!! ka tugnaw... will miss you in Manila though...

  4. sad to hear about your lost laptop!

    I can't wait to buy some of your Carioca stuff online!

  5. thinking of you during this busy holiday season. wishing you safe travels and a merry christmas! sorry to hear about the laptop. how devastating! hope the new year brings good things for you...

  6. oh no miks! just saw this post. didn't know about your laptop. ;S i do wish for even greater creative endeavors for you despite this setback.

    we miss you guys! have a fun time in SFO! :)