Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sun Life's Sunshorts

Having a family is life-changing. Old news, I know. But life sure does take a 360-degree turn when reality hits you that you no longer fend just for yourself. You have a family to think about, whose future you want to secure. As much as we want to brush off the unthinkable, as mama bear and papa bear here, we cannot afford to do so. The most we can do is prepare. 

With life and pre-need insurance, we are somehow comforted by the fact that financial stability is covered in times of the "unthinkable."

Insurance plans and policies though, are usually intimidating. Choosing one is tough. Nowadays, there are more twists added to traditional plans which makes choosing even harder!

Sun Life on the other hand is taking a different angle. The insurance pioneer recently launched Sunshorts- five digital short films highlighting love, foresight, and a positive outlook in life.

Sunshorts kicked off with "1945," a Jun Reyes-directed film set in the 1940's. 

With Sunshorts, we better understand the value of long term preparedness. Watch out for the release of the next Sunshorts and know how life can even be brighter at

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