Sunday, July 22, 2012

DIY Indian Sack Dress Essentials

The other weekend we went to an indians and cowboys themed party. You know how we like to take these things seriously. Themed parties play the perfect excuse for us to get down and hone our DIY skills! Mischka wanted to be a cowgirl but I had something else in mind. Good thing I managed to convince her to come as an Indian girl instead. She wasn't too sold to the idea until she saw me profusely hand sewing her sack dress a few hours before the party. She jumped in and offered to help in whatever way she can. 

This is why I love doing DIY projects so much. The opportunity to get your child involved is priceless. They appreciate the effort and I can honestly see in Mischka that she's proud of what we have accomplished no matter how big or small the project is, more especially when she gets to take home a reward for being best in costume! It's almost always more economical too than having to purchase a run-of-the-mill costume from a toy store. So next time you get an invite to a themed party, try to DIY-it!


  1. nice. congratulations to mischka! she looks bigger now.

  2. so nice! i love DIY, too! made my daughter's halloween costume last year :)

  3. She looks so cute! Good job with the costume!