Monday, July 30, 2012

Clutch Sightings

As a designer, nothing else makes your heart aflutter but women whose style you adore, appreciate your work.  Not that I ever fancy myself as one. I am just always giddy to see my clutches clutched by uber-chic women like these three. Allow me to share with you my favorite clutch sightings.
Patricia from Paradigma added a jolt of color to her all black ensemble with the Kirstie.
Sarah of Fashion Eggplant graced Megastyle's virtual pages with the sold-out orange Jenna in hand. 
Only Lana of Hautepot can wear red this good. Too bad this Jenna is sold-out too.

Find other Jennas and other styles here. A new collection is brewing too and my heart skips a bit just thinking about it. 

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  1. Oh wow! Thanks Mikka :) I love that clutch!