Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Office Fiesta Essentials

Two celebrants, less than a week to plan, and a venue where partying is technically off-limits. Those were the circumstances we had to deal with and given those, the best theme for such is a fiesta! A theme that is easy to pull off from the decors, to food, to drinks, and the music too! You just need a few elements to help set the festive mood, most of which, I'm sure you already have at home.
1. Sangria 2. Mustache-on-a-stick 3. Buntings 4. Colorful tablecloths 5. Sombrero 6. Chips & Salsa

So when planning for a themed party at the office-- throw a fiesta and your co-workers are sure to forget they want to siesta! 

On a side note, the Mischmash Chic Kit Giveway is still ongoing. Join here if you haven't yet!


  1. Mikka, where'd you get those colorful paper lanterns? :)

  2. youre so good at these things mikka! galing :)