Monday, May 7, 2012

Beach Picnic Essentials

1. Carioca Santarem Multiway Cover Up/ 2. Baguette/ 3. Walnuts/ 4. The Accomplice Chardonnay/ 5. Cheese/ 6. Sparkling Water/ 7. Beach Blanket/ 8. Chick Lit/ 9. Fruits 

Being such a sucker for picnics and with our family being a huge one for beaches, beach picnics are the kind of escape we all equally enjoy. Last Labor Day, we drove up north to a beach in Zambales and brought a spread of our picnic essentials. 

Must say, the Santarem was very versatile from the travel, to the lounging, and to cover-up after a quick dip in the waters. For a day trip, its pieces like this that give you the most mileage without ever compromising style. That, a light read, a beach blanket, a basket of comfort food, my favorite Chardonnay , and my most favorite company-- made for a leisurely Labor Day beach picnic. 


  1. love! love! love! your picnic basket the most. I will definitely take pointers from this post Mikka the next time I'm heading to the beach for a day trip.

  2. you look amazing in that photo! you should put more pictures of yourself in this blog! you always look fantastic :) love the spread btw!