Monday, October 1, 2012

Layering Jewelry 101

Layering is a styling trick that's not exactly the easiest to pull off. As much as I want to apply it to clothing, our weather around here is not very cooperative. Next best thing would be jewelry. But piling without planning can be catastrophic. I know the goal is to look effortless, but almost always, its not. Thus, I'm sharing with you some simple layering formulas that seem to work just fine for me.

Formula 1 calls for contrast in a minimalist collar vs a busy charm necklace. Layer the 2 together and you get a statement piece even more striking. One that will definitely take your tank top + jeans ensemble a notch higher. Just make sure the 2 share the same color scheme. {JO by Joyce Orena Denim Urban Jungle necklace, Yhansy Collar necklace}
Formula 2 is all about choosing a piece to be your focal point. In this case its the studded wrap watch. Add a few more guys in the same color family and you have a happy arm party. {JO by Joyce Orena Blue Moon bracelet, La Mer Collections Bali Stud Wrap watch, JO by Joyce Orena Chain bracelet}

Formula 3 gives dainty pieces the right to be dainty yet edgy. By piling pendant necklaces in varying lengths, you are able to create a look that is quite random yet certainly unique. {Yhansy Skull necklace,  Panopio x Zalora Initial necklace}

Happy layering!

**Images via Zalora's Ezine. Modeled by Holly McNair.

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