Monday, June 25, 2012

Bar Cart Obsessions

On top of work, motherhood, and this obviously neglected blog, I have projects lying around my mind. Things, someday I'd have time to do and more importantly have a place to execute. One of which is a bar cart. Been itching to put together one especially since the Mr. and I both appreciate a cocktail or two at  a rough day's end. 
I gathered inspiration across the web, more conveniently through Pinterest and here are some carts that have worsened my obsession.
I like how the gold bamboo-like iron plays contrast to the white wicker material.
The lampshade is unexpected but sure adds a personal touch to the gorgeous vignette the homeowner has going on here. 
Lining up lemons is charming.
A nicely refurbished wrought iron cart in white is always a good bet. 
Adding little elements of surprise is key to an interesting bar cart vignette like table tennis paddles and a bowl of colorful candies. 
Now if you're thinking of organizing one at home, Matchgirl has listed the essentials. You don't need all but at least one or two of each element is good. And in my case, I didn't even need a cart. 

My overly eager little assistant and I rounded up the essentials we can find at home and put together a makeshift bar cart for her dad. A far cry from our inspirations above but we are pleased of the outcome and this will have to make do for now. 


  1. Visit this website, they have a few you might like.

  2. love! wish i could keep mine as atrractive and dust free as the ones in the photos, your makeshift bar even looks better than mine! :P mental note to re-paint!