Tuesday, December 7, 2010

snaps from the weekend

In our family, Christmas officially kicks off with my Dad's December birthday. He turned 60 last weekend and we are in the hometown to help him celebrate.

Life in Bacolod is slow. Whenever I'm here, I feel like there are more hours in a day than 24, which is great. But its a little different during the holidays. Over the weekend we had three parties to attend with lots of good Bacolodian food to devour. Burp!
The simple joys of being a kid in a laid back city of nothing-to-do. Talking to a school of fish, listening to the music the shell makes, and riding a {fake} giant turtle at the farm. She had a grand time.
No one appreciates Christmas and all the madness that comes with it more than Le Misch. She is absolutely fascinated with Santa and the big decorated tree. And in her own sweet little ways, is teaching all of us that it's MORE than just a season to get tired.

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