Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mischmash Stylish Mama {August}

Christine Dychiao aka Manila Fashion Observer
Wife, blogger, entrepreneur, columnist, consultant-- are just some of the roles Christine effortlessly plays. It is that picture of maternal bliss so evident in her and daughter Berry however, that tells you, its mothering she does best. And only in ways no less than chic.
A typical day around Singapore with Berry in tow.

Christine is always armed with the chicest yet most functional shoes and bags.
She lives in nautical stripes. 
Her no-fuss fashion sensibility results to a well edited closet with statement pieces to surprise here and there.

Describe your personal style.

Simple, no fuss, practical, comfortable. Downtown girl with loads of French inspiration.

What are you wearing this fall?

These days I'm rotating three pairs of pajama pants - from H&M, Zara & Isabel Marant. So comfy! I've also been obsessed with rope/ friendship bracelets these days, not the grade school types but the grown up sort from Shashi and Proenza Schouler.

I also vow to wear more dresses and can't wait to try out the midi-skirt trend!

Closet staples?

Lived in jeans and khakis, button down shirts, striped shirts, tissue soft tees, seamless undies and a well-fitting bra, flat shoes, tasteful accessories.

What is that one piece you can't live without fashion/motherhood-wise?

Comfortable shoes - but please don't make me pick just one =)

How are you influencing your daughter's personal style?

By teaching her that quality trumps quantity. The same lesson my mom taught me.

Style icons?

Alexa Chung, Sofia Coppola, Ashley Olsen.

Tip or 2 for all moms out there who want to stay stylish amidst all the hullabaloo motherhood brings?

Maintain a manageable closet filled with all your closet staples. That way, you only have to choose amongst pieces you actually love and wear. I know that's hard to do in principle, but I find that it's so much easier to dress when you don't have to face a closet groaning with a load of things. Otherwise, you end up with decision fatigue and run the risk of wearing just whatever.

If you can't pare down to your definition of basics, then have at least 3 fall back outfits you can wear over and over. Who cares if you repeat the same items? I do it all the time and nobody seems to notice. I think. Heehee.

Any shopping advice?

Always wait for the sales! I almost never pay retail when I shop. I try to hold out and wait until prices are marked down. But that is not the main deciding factor. I always make it a point that what I buy will go well with most of the items in my closet. That way, even if I introduce something new to my wardrobe, I can throw on anything from my closet in ten minutes and still look put together somehow.


Christine is like our not-so-typical young mom-next-door who happens to be always so put-together but never in an over-the-top kind of way. She gets it right-- all the time

So here's to hoping you picked up a lot of styling tips from the fashion observer herself. Thank you Christine, for taking time out of your busy schedule to take photos and share with us your enviable style. 


Dear readers, pardon the posting of August's Mischmash Stylish Mama on the first day of September. Sometimes, as much as I like to keep things consistent around here, life gets in the way. 

But all well's that ends well. September's Stylish Mama is already in the works. Wait, it's September already??! 


  1. I follow Christine's blog, and I totally agree with you: she makes motherhood look so stylish!:)

  2. My two fave blogs! Mfo and mischmashed! Yay! :)

  3. it's THE BAG! i swear, one of these days i'm going to raid her closet. i also like her house A LOT! :) great feature mikka!

    join my ongoing blog giveaway! :)

  4. i love how she makes flats look chic always!

  5. the super stylish mom, Tin. i have always been a follower of her blog...