Sunday, October 21, 2012

Handy Party Kit

For all the parties we like throwing, big and small (usually small), I thought it would be best to put together a bag of essentials and always keep it within reach. What we have are hardly fancy but it's nice to get the little yet important details out of the way, right? Then you'd only have to think about the food and the people-- which ultimately make the party.

P.S. For party needs, I recently discovered Celebrations Party Central. Striped straws, metallic number balloons, pinatas, disposable nice-looking glasses-- imagine my delight!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mischmash Recommends: Marcia Adams'

You know how we easily we get smitten by charming interiors. Particularly those that can transport us somewhere pretty even just for a few hours.

Marcia Adam's is all about relaxed, homey interiors, good food, topped with great service. It's a trek up Tagaytay but well worth the trip.
Halls and walls.
Savored to the last press. 
Fresh flowers in almost every corner.
Bills come in embroidered envelopes. It's all in the details.
This shot taken by my little budding photographer. 

Obviously, I'm not much of a foodie. No photos of food. But food was great for my standards, at least. Marcia Adams' is Mischmash recommended if you're craving for some quiet place with a view. You leave with a content soul and a happy tummy too!

For directions and menu details, visit Marcia Adam's Facebook page here. Enjoy!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Layering Jewelry 101

Layering is a styling trick that's not exactly the easiest to pull off. As much as I want to apply it to clothing, our weather around here is not very cooperative. Next best thing would be jewelry. But piling without planning can be catastrophic. I know the goal is to look effortless, but almost always, its not. Thus, I'm sharing with you some simple layering formulas that seem to work just fine for me.

Formula 1 calls for contrast in a minimalist collar vs a busy charm necklace. Layer the 2 together and you get a statement piece even more striking. One that will definitely take your tank top + jeans ensemble a notch higher. Just make sure the 2 share the same color scheme. {JO by Joyce Orena Denim Urban Jungle necklace, Yhansy Collar necklace}
Formula 2 is all about choosing a piece to be your focal point. In this case its the studded wrap watch. Add a few more guys in the same color family and you have a happy arm party. {JO by Joyce Orena Blue Moon bracelet, La Mer Collections Bali Stud Wrap watch, JO by Joyce Orena Chain bracelet}

Formula 3 gives dainty pieces the right to be dainty yet edgy. By piling pendant necklaces in varying lengths, you are able to create a look that is quite random yet certainly unique. {Yhansy Skull necklace,  Panopio x Zalora Initial necklace}

Happy layering!

**Images via Zalora's Ezine. Modeled by Holly McNair.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Work Wear Diaries

Obviously, I'm having a little too much fun with Instagram. So easy to snap and share away outfit posts! Updating my work wear diaries with some current snaps from my favorite app!
Mint on mint, tone on tone.
A study on layering jewelry.
Chambray and a litte leather for a schizophrenic weather.
Balancing act. 
Need for tweed, top with fringe.